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Jah Wobble

"Spinner" CD (Gyroscope)

Way dub, but consider the responsible parties - Brian Eno, more or less the founder of ambient, and Jah Wobble, freelance bass assassin. Is it any wonder that Wobble's production, remixing and reconstructions owe more to creating evocative soundscapes than they do to pop singles? This album veers from eerie ("Where We Lived") to soothing ("Garden Recalled") to downright rockin' ("Steam") while still maintaining a linear musical progression. The songs flow together, with the variations serving more as alternate wave patterns than an entirely different mathematical function. There's a continuity at work here which makes even the most disparate tracks seem to cohere seamlessly. As a bonus, this is wonderful music to accompany meditation.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008