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Despite having more than my fair share of experience in litigation, I'm not a lawyer (yet - I have been accepted to law school; watch out!), so I'll frame information about this site's copyright and rights and related junk in simple terms. Please read this page. If you are not doing academic research (which covers papers, speeches, etc. in K-12 and college), a print publication or Web site, please use the general guidelines. Otherwise, please refer to the more specific guidelines below.


All rights revert to the author of an article upon publication. That means that whoever wrote something has total control over what happens to it once it's published. That also means that their word is final. This site totally loves fair comment and criticism and the marketplace of ideas and all that shit. If you want to quote something from here, just cite the article, the author (Puckett for unsigned interviews and writing) and the Web site. Kindly drop us an email at puckett at punkrockacademy dot com as well to let us know. Typically, we're all stoked about that sort of thing. Keep in mind that we're inclined to be less stoked about extensive quoting (like, say, multiple paragraphs of something - see the stuff below about copying content).

If you'd like more information about copyrights, here are some links:

[eff.org] Fair Use FAQ
[cdt.org] Copyright Issues
[Stanford University] Copyright And Fair Use Center

Academic Use (Including K-12, Undergrad And Post-Grad Work)

Please cite the author name (all unsigned articles and interviews were written by Puckett), the article title and the site. If you need additional information, email puckett at punkrockacademy dot com and I'll do what I can to help out. Kindly send a copy of the paper once it's done. We get stoked about that as well.


For print publications, you will need to contact the author of a piece. Some writers have their contact information in their Staff bio. Most don't. If you want to request permission to reprint an article from an author whose email address is not listed, please email puckett at punkrockacademy dot com with the title and author of the article, as well as information about your publication (including circulation, publication cost and pay for freelancers if applicable). I'll forward it on to the writer and they'll take it from there if they're interested. If they aren't, don't bug me about it because there isn't much I can do. If you want to use something I wrote (which is everything on the site which is uncredited, unsigned or attributed to Puckett), send email to the above address with the same information along with anything else that you think would sway my opinion one way or another and I'll get back to you.

Reprinting anything without the express consent of the author will be considered infringement and will be dealt with accordingly.


This site absolutely encourages deep linking. Deep linking means bypassing the index page and linking to only the content that interests you or your site's readers. For example, if you are in a band or run a fan page for a band and there is an interview or review or some other piece of content here that you like, feel free to link directly to that content. I don't even much care if it's in a frame (although if you're still using frames, you really should stop that because they're evil).

With that said, do not copy content from this site to any other site. Copying anything without the express consent of the author will be considered infringement and will be dealt with accordingly.

You see, I've been doing my zine for over 10 years now. I've been doing this site for a very long time as well. I don't get paid for this. It's simply a labor of love - or a hobby run amok. Thus, when someone copies content from this site to their own site - effectively claiming it as their own work or implying that I authorized that copying - it's a really nasty thing to do and one of the single quickest ways to piss me off known to science.

Link all you want. It makes me incredibly happy if someone finds something here useful. Just don't copy it.

Fair enough? Good.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008