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"Wives Should Be Kissed And Not Heard" b/w "Igloo" (Pop Narcotic)

There's always that moment of apprehension before I drop the needle on a new piece of vinyl - will it blow me away or will it just blow? In Tizzy's case, the answer is not quite the former, but most certainly not that latter. It's swooning, dream-sicle indie-pop which swirls and cascades in sheets of sound, drifting toward my eardrums like windblown snow. Well, at least, the flip side is. "Wives" is a raging punk anthem which seems to express some Riot Grrrl sentiments. Way cool. Even better, mine came on red vinyl.

Tizzy "Befriend Us" CD EP (Pop Narcotic)

Charming indie-pop, but it didn't really grab me like the last 7" I heard from them did. It sounds about the same, but I'm just not as enamored of it. Maybe it's the time, maybe it's my mood. However, "A-4" is one of those great songs - a late summer afternoon driving tune. The sun glints off the ocean as you head north, leaving town and everyone and everything behind, if only for a little while. Naturally, it's the best song on here, but, as I listen to this for the fifth time, I can admit its company isn't too bad.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008