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Third Sex

"Feed Me" and "My Expense" b/w "Mombies" (Kill Rock Stars)

Dissonant, noisy punk rock with a hearty "Fuck you!" spirit. Or something. This band is way pissed and this 7" is just as angry. Anger is good.

"Card Carryin'" CD (Chainsaw)

Loud, tough, aggressive, melodi-core from the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Rock City? Sorry heshers, junkies and grunge Darwinists - the Rock went south for the decade and took up residence near Portland. Too bad your plodding, lugubrious tones - featuring all the grace and survival instincts of dinosaurs - prevent you from following in the footsteps of these women. These edgy songs are lean and fierce, engineered for speed, epiphanies and revolutions. They kickstart an internal process of evaluation, analysis and changing attitudes and behavior patterns. They are, practically needless to say, way fucking cool.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008