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"Guard Dog" b/w "Inferior Steel" 7" (Standard)

More of that there punk rock from another San Diego band.

"(Germo) Phobic" CD (Cargo)

This is the second album out of San Diego that a label completely dropped the ball on. First Atlantic drops Inch (while stupidly keeping Jewel; I don't give a flying fuck how many records she sells, "Dot Class 'C'" is a better album than "Pieces of You" to anyone with an intelligent ear who got sick of folk when Peter and Paul went bald), now Caroline purges its rock roster and drops another gift on Cargo. Sadly, Tanner broke up so we won't be hearing anything else which is this brilliant from that band (at least, under that name), but these edgy, dissonant, guitar-driven songs, much like Inch and No Knife's work, still seethe, still rage. They still make the most sense to me at this point in my life.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008