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Blink 182 "Lemmings" b/w "Going Nowhere" & "One Track" 7" (Cargo)

A double bill 7" (god, if that isn't getting fucking cheap) from Blink and Santee neighbors, Swindle. It's status quo from the Blink boys and Swindle weighs in with some completely average punk songs. Blink can certainly do better than this as they proved on Cheshire Cat. Great cover though. (TOM)

"Within These Walls" CD (Cargo)

It's punk and then some. This is green gob in yer face punk with liberty spikes and ... oh hell. Let's be honest, if only for a bit - aren't we all a little ridiculous for trying to revisit glory days which are long past? Doesn't it make us all a little bit more foolish when we try to recapture a mood, an ideal, which has already had its day? I like this and it's catchy, but face facts - punk has been done beyond death. Now we're just feeding off a decayed corpse. Maybe it's time to do something new. We now resume our regular review ... a fist of defiance in the air! Naturally, it rocks.

"In The Red" 7" EP (Grilled Cheese)

My neighbors probably love me right now because I've been blasting this for the past four days. So what? Four tight songs, all punked-up and no future in sight. They also toss in a smoking cover of Screeching Weasel's "I Wanna Be A Homosexual" which is at least as good as the original.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008