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Sweetbelly Freakdown

"Self-titled" CD (Jade Tree)

At some point, I really have to stop caring about which members of which bands decided to play together; most of the time, writers drop those names to fill space and increase their word count, thus earning another few pennies or so. In my case, I paid for the record and I'm writing for myself so I'm already shit out of luck. Thus, I might as well point out that this mostly consists of ex-members of other bands that you've probably even heard of at one time or another. Sadly, their prior experience does not make this album any good. At all. Try imagining what it might sound like if - in an alternate universe in which nothing made sense - Fugazi sounded like an amateurish garage band. Once you've uncurled from your fetal position and your sobbing has subsided, you should be sufficiently discouraged from buying this album.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008