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"Tattoo Dave" EP (Top Drawer)

This split 7" features a cover of "Hang Fire" and Bum doing DMZ's "Lift Up Your Head" and the Smugglers tearing through the Boys' "Kiss Like A Nun." If those aren't enough reasons to persuade you to find this, it's on red vinyl.

"Summer Games" CD (Mint/Lookout!)

Everything here sounds like theme music, but after a great deal of looking, I am unhappy to report that I was unable to find a theme. Don't put this at the top of your purchase list by any means - you'll get by without it. (ADAM)

"Selling the Sizzle" CD (Lookout!)

Fast, fun, garage style rockabillynewwavepunkrock. Don't have another party without this album. (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008