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"Maquee" CD (Headhunter)

Extremely distorted heavy guitar rock from three boys straight outta Tustin. On the first few listens, the album as a whole isn't especially notable, but the crushing hooks of "Rock Anthem For The Retarded Teenage Hipster Population" and "Moosh" should grow on most listeners. Besides, "RAFTRTHP" takes some rather nifty potshots at the "Alternative Nation" and "Generation X." It'd make a great single.

"Masterlocks +3" CD EP (Revelation)

There's nothing particularly wrong here, but sadly enough, there's not that much that's right either. Smile's Orange County urban white kid punk sound was a proven formula on their first record, but they seem to have strayed from the path on this EP. I only hope an explanation is forthcoming - perhaps that this record was put out in haste - with luck, their next offering will be more indicative of the painstaking effort and musical innovation they demonstrated on their first album. (ADAM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008