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"The Night I Met My Second Wife" CD (Radio One)

Dark, moody music which doesn't fall too far from the trees of Tindersticks or The Black Heart Procession. It's ethereal, quiet, gloomy, downbeat. This collection of dirges seems to describe a disintegrating relationship; while it may be compelling or required listening for those who crave something which fucks around with the edges of the dark stuff (like, for example, Nick Cave) or who are going through a breakup, from where I sit, this is just pointlessly gloomy and depressing. If you must put your cathartic exercises on display, kindly have the decency to make them freely available so that I don't waste my money listening to a couple bemoaning their fate and can put it to better use ... like buying a bottle of something strong.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008