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Sense Field

"Killed For Less" CD (Revelation)

This is an album to carry while pacing the streets and mooning over someone you met at a show or saw working in a record store. It's positive, uplifting and very emo. Most of the album seems to be about finding a "soul mate," and the expressions of that desire are fully realized here in cuts like "Heather" and "Found You." If this been out when I was still in high school, I would have worn the grooves off it.

Sense Field "Building" CD (Revelation)

I've been waiting for this album for some time, since I heard "Killed For Less" in fact, and I am anything but disappointed. Granted, it isn't flawless. Some of the songs still sound a bit like Nirvana (witness "Shallow Grave" and "Everyone I See"), but on the whole, Sense Field's brand of optimistic punk rock still sounds like those impossible sunsets which decorate the West Coast summer skies. Songs like "Overstand" and especially "No Man's Land" complete the cartographical sonic explorations Sense Field embarked on and reveal a deeper, richer topography than had been previously imaginable. Raging, uplifting power chords and positive lyrics combine to create a map of the soul which shows hidden trails winding down to the core of human existence, and deal with fears, hopes and dreams.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008