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7 Year Bitch

"Viva Zapata!" CD (C/Z)

7 Year Bitch's music has always been angry, but after everything happening in and around the band recently, this album is, unsurprisingly, even more furious. In light of these events (the liner notes hint at the tragedies), these harrowing cuts are even more frightening than such songs would ordinarily be. Every track seems to be an indictment of this country, carrying "memories of tragedies," to crib a line from "Derailed." They even cover Jim Carroll's "It's Too Late," a chillingly appropriate song.

"Gato Negro" CD (Atlantic)

The band's aggressive live show doesn't translate as well to record as it should. Live, 7 Year Bitch is an epiphany, screaming and snarling through patriarchal rock with the grace of a dull bandsaw. Unfortunately, this album seems lackluster compared to the band's incendiary live shows. They burn with the intensity of white phosphorous onstage, but this album basically fizzles like a Fourth of July sparkler. It hints at the explosive power and potential which could be unleashed, but is never fully realized. Too bad.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008