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Ruth Ruth

"The Little Death" CD EP (Epitaph)

"The Little Death" is eighteen minutes of brilliant pop music, catchier than Ebola and more fun than three Rugburns in an open bar. Sounding like a cross between Down by Law, Cheap Trick and any of a half-dozen cheesy grunge bands, Ruth Ruth combines the best of punk, alternative, 70's guitar rock and 80's new wave. Singer Chris Kennedy has (to continue with comparisons) all the blue-eyed soul charm of a Graham Parker, Dave Smalley or Paul Weller. His scratchy soul stylings perfectly suit the catchy, driving rhythms which are so infectious you might actually want to start singing along. The album sounds raw, spontaneous and totally unhindered by the usual shit which bogs down most studio recordings. This "Little Death" may quite possibly be the perfect EP. (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008