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The Promise Ring

Texas Is The Reason Split 7" (Jade Tree)

The Texas side is like swimming in choppy seas - for every rough wave, there's a blissful trough and moment of peace and beauty before the next one hits. As these notes climb higher and higher, soaring between the words and grinding, crushing riffs, they transcend the limits of music and express something divine - exactly what that may be, I don't know. The Promise Ring side is much more cathartic and emo, but both sides complement each other quite nicely.

"30 Degrees Everywhere" CD (Jade Tree)

Emo, and tear-jerking at that. Reminds me of some poor soul who saved up paychecks to buy a ring for someone and showed up at their door to surprise them with it, only to find their intended with someone else. Walk home in the rain, don't even bother to pull the collar up. Getting wet. Ring clenched tightly in one hand. No one notices the tears. No one ever does. Walk in the door, collapse on the floor. This plays softly in the background, offering commiseration and empathy, the only real solace when more hurt is on the way.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008