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Planes Mistaken For Stars

"Self-titled" CD (Deep Elm)

Treacly emo which switches between noodling melodic elements and noisier rock power guitar parts. I wish there were something more interesting to say about it so that I could stop staring at this blank screen, hoping more words will come to me, but there isn't. It's just run-of-the-mill emo that you've already heard before.

"Fuck With Fire" CD (No Idea)

This noisier, angrier version of the aforementioned treacly emo band still doesn't float my boat. Yes, it's louder, more dynamic, more distorted and more ferocious. Yes, this features guttural growling and churning riffs that have more to do with Helmet than Hum, but the underlying music hasn't really changed. The band just dirtied it up a bit; they muddied the sound, stirred the waters and hoped the ripples would act as a veneer to conceal songs which really don't seem to know whether they want to be Black Sabbath or Hot Water Music.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008