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"Infotainment?" CD+ (Earache)

Interactive CDs like this have the potential to do a band a lot of good. With the promise of screen savers, videos, concert footage and more, the novelty alone is worth the 7.99 you're going to pay for the damn thing. But woe unto the buyer of "Infotainment?" who knows little or nothing of what is on the disk. When the screen pops up, the viewer is faced with a floating tube and a ghastly looking newscaster. The only links I found were on the TV knobs which yielded 10-second video/audio loops that looked like outtakes from a Kenneth Anger movie. Who knows? I tried clicking everywhere and nothing but the knobs worked. Documentation and instructions? Nope. Nothing. Dud. (ERIC)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008