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Conway Split 7" (Angel Boy)

It's hard to believe bands can still make music this good. I didn't have an orgasm, I didn't have an revelation, but I did play it until it developed a skip. So now I'll listen to it, even though it pops and jumps. This incredible indie-guitar rock is a rush.

"Au Jus" CD (Fistpuppet)

Although Pitchblende's excellent second album improves on their notable debut, it still shows the band has some distance to go before they realize their full potential. Au Jus frustrates in that regard, because it's possible to hear the seeds of melodies sprouting but never fully blossoming. If Pitchblende stopped truncating their tunes, these songs would be phenomenal. Until then, the band settles for making good records.

"Gygax!" CD (Cargo)

More headache music. Phish meets the wreckage of a downed 747. Pitchblende quartet is almost Tanner-esque at times, but then there is the little matter of musical ability, which Tanner sports a great deal of, and pitchblende can't seem nail down. I've got an idea: When you're gonna write music, have a point - it makes the process of getting there so much more enjoyable. There's nothing wrong with discordant music as long as there's still some music decipherable from the discord at the end. (ADAM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008