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Penny Dreadfuls

"Fodder" b/w "Sooner or Later" (Restless)

Aggressive, feedback laden rock with sweet harmonies and sexy vocals. Reminiscent of Belly, these ladies make driving rock with sugar on top. I'm putty in their hands. (TOM)

"Penny Dreadfuls" CD (Restless)

Lost somewhere between pop and punk, these rock & roll divas lack the talent to pull off either. The album is rather disappointing in its lack of energy, something that perhaps could have been overcome if the Penny Dreadfuls had tweaked a bit before recording. The music teases, keeps you listening for the moment of explosion, but like a bad partner never brings you quite over the hill of an orgasm. If nothing else, I did enjoy their pretty faces on the back of the album cover. (ALEX)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008