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"As Blood Flows / European Oppression Live" CD (Megalithic)

So I guess this is a live EP and another EP put together on one CD to tide fans over until the new Oppressor epic LP comes out. Boy, I hate when they tease me like this! Hahahahahah. Scott freaked out when he heard that I listen to Grind and Death Metal all the time, so he gave me this and I'm sure he'll be just as surprised to find out that I think this is a pile of rubbish with a shitty drummer, shitty songs that are too long and boring, and a shitty cover of "Looks that Kill" that is prominently displayed as the "featured track." He's probably tripping out that I can actually tell the difference between bad DM and good DM. This sucks, but the cover is funny. (DAVE)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008