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No Knife

"...drunk on the moon..." CD (Goldenrod)

The main downfall of "...drunk on the moon..." is the recording - the usual force I associate with No Knife's rockin live shows is sadly missing on much of this CD. The guitars are a bit tinny, and Mitch Wilson's vocals lack some of their usual verve. That being said however, this is a solid CD packed with a lot of catchy riffs and vocals, making this an entirely recommendable purchase. No Knife continues to be one of San Diego's best bands. (ADAM)

"Hit Man Dreams" CD (Time Bomb/BMG)

Albums like this make me happy to call San Diego home. It sounds better than the debut, but still maintains the same swooning six-string elegance, the same distorted, drifting textures which hang in the air like a haze of cigarette smoke over empty vodka bottles. Suffice it to say these songs are utterly beautiful and I've been thinking that since I first heard them played live. The album only reinforces my opinion.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008