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New Wet Kojak

"Self-titled" CD (Touch and Go)

Touch and Go manages once again to stay at the top of the hipper-than-thou indie rock heap with this release by New Wet Kojak. It boasts members of Girls Against Boys, Gray Matter, 3 and Shudder to Think in this collaboration of tongue in cheek, stupid/foxy, drunken strip tease numbers. Scott McCloud provides lots of deep, breathy vocals and repeated saxophone noodlings find their way into many songs care of Charles Bennington. They put their best foot forward on the first track, "Stick Out Your Tongue," which starts the old hips moving with a sultry Nick Cave swagger. Boasting titles such as "Sexy Postcard," "Unbuckled" and "Shake You Down," New Wet Kojak do their best to strike below the belt and ... hell, it just might work for you. If you're shitfaced and groping on the couch with your new (and maybe quite temporary) love interest, New Wet Kojak will make it feel okay to say those cheesy things like, "Oh yeah, feels so good baby," or "Mmm, did you come?" But if you've been sending demos of your band to Touch and Go for years with no reply, this CD will make it fairly easy to sit back and justify your rejection with one snide comment - "I guess it is all about who you know." Relax, knucklehead, and don't take everything so damn seriously. (JOSH)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008