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New Bomb Turks

"Pissing Out The Poison: Singles And Other Swill '90-'94" LP (Crypt)

Gee, like I wouldn't like this. Like I'd simply sit back and yawn as some of the best three chord, just-because-we-can-we're-gonna-turn-up-the-volume-and-wreck-the-world punk rolls by on my turntable. Yeah, right. I hear Pat Boone is hip again, or some such shit. Therefore, we need this record. It's our salvation, our antidote to the toxins polluting music. It's pure, unadulterated, unprogressive rock and it's prob'ly the only thing that's gonna save us from the torment of Pat crooning "Waterfalls."

"Scared Straight" CD (Epitaph)

Except for their reputation, I knew nothing of the Turks before hearing this album. I can't compare it to earlier recordings. But I love this album. It's punk in a way punk should be - stripped down and unpretentious. Like another "punk" band we're fond of in these parts - RFTC - the New Bomb Turks are pushing the envelope, albeit not as aggressively as Rocket. What they're doing is recognizing is that punk has as much to do with the 50's as the 70's, and there's a lot to be gained by incorporating instruments (piano, keys) you wouldn't think of as punk into their hyperdrive music. I don't know if that, along with Eric Davidson's startling lyrics, makes them the future of anything, but I'll wager that in ten years they'll be regarded as a seminal 90's band. (PHILIP)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008