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The Mortals

"Bulletproof" CD (Estrus)

"Bulletproof" is a throwback. The artwork is reminiscent of mid-1960's album covers, the photographs scream "Bond, goddammit! James Bond!" and the music sounds utterly retro, like the Stooges joining the Count Five and MC5 to tear through Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man." While this could doom the Mortals to rehashed classic rock hell, they're obviously having fun which automatically removes Bulletproof from the ghetto of jokes carried too far. And considering "Bulletproof" is a faux-soundtrack (with tongue planted firmly in cheek), it belongs in the realm of concept albums. In 20 years, you'll see the Mortals on Broadway doing "Bulletproof: The Musical." Mark my words.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008