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Robert Mitchum

"Calypso - Is Like So ..." CD (Scamp)

Entertaining is the understatement of the year - this CD makes William Shatner singing show tunes look like a paper airplane after the Apollo moon landing. It is certainly borderline racist the way Mitchum dawns the calypso accent for these 12 magical ballads (the CD has two bonus tracks, count your blessings), but to call Mitchum a racist would mean someone is taking this whole thing far too seriously. "Deep down, Robert Mitchum is a wanderer," begins the one-of-a-kind tale on the CD's liner notes, and if there is any doubt as to the validity of that statement, one need only speculate as to where he must have wandered to get roped into recording this album. Keep this one around for special occasions, like when it's time for the family to leave and they just won't go. (ADAM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008