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"Box Set" CD (Caroline)

Basically, this collects everything with the exception of "Walk Among Us," and it even includes some demo versions of songs on "Walk Among Us." If you're a Misfits fan, you need this. If you never heard them, this may be a pricey place to start, but it will show you everything you need to know.

"Collection II" CD (Caroline)

Let's forget about hyperbole and overstatement and irony for a few moment. I'm just going to be sincere and say the Misfits were one of the best punk bands to ever come down the pike, despite what Glenn Danzig has said about them since the band's demise. They combined speed and melody and laid the foundations for pop-punk when the members of Green Day were still in grade school. They were the measuring stick for punk bands, and few matched them. So, one more into the breach. This is probably the final Misfits collection and it's primarily noteworthy due to digging up old studio tapes of tracks which are only available on bootlegs or out-of-print records like "Attitude" and "Last Caress." Unlike the Bad Religion collection reviewed elsewhere, this is actually worth owning because of the rarity of these tracks. There is some filler, but even the alternative take on "Hatebreeders" adds something new to the song. Go get this thing. Buy copies and give them to your friends and then sit around reminiscing about the old days, or have some times which you'll reminisce about five years down the road. We now return to our regularly scheduled sarcasm, derision and periodic sincerity.

"American Psycho" CD (Geffen)

Dull, mindless and repetitive, exploring territory which was already a wasteland. Next. [Note: Dave thinks this is one of the best albums of the year. Just to let you know he disagrees.]

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008