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"full Isaac" CD (spinART)

Comparisons and analogies suck wildly, but Lotion sounds like Michael Stipe fronting an especially energetic and melodic Fudge on "La Boost," and that's the best thing about this otherwise mediocre album. Of course, if you don't like Michael Stipe or Fudge, it probably doesn't sound too appealing, but that's okay. It isn't an especially appealing record.

"Nobody's Cool" CD (spinART)

On "full Isaac," Lotion tried to create the big rock sound, the grand, sweeping, orchestral guitar noise which sounds impossibly huge, like it might be big enough, on a hot day when the atoms were excited and moving around more than usual, to fill the Grand Canyon. "Nobody's Cool" is far more successful in this endeavor as Lotion picks up the tempo, turns up the amps and actually writes songs, you know, progressions of notes and chords which carry melodies and harmonies They've found some hooks which, although not entirely proper for deep sea fishing, are still big enough to catch most land-locked trout in reservoirs supervised by the Department of Fish and Game. It's entertaining, and leagues better than "full Isaac," but it still isn't very cool.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008