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"Hello Bastards" LP (Jade Tree)

Melodic and speedy HC with hella emo lyrics about emotions, loneliness, reaching out to people and only grasping empty air. This band is tight, changing tempos on a pinhead occupied by a few thousand angels without knocking one off or even jostling any of them - sometimes playing slow, other times breaking into a blistering frenzy of drumbeats and riffage. The band usually falls into a groove that strikes an emotional chord, perhaps best demonstrated by "(The Gym Is) Neutral Territory," a raging, melodic song which is apparently about disliking someone, apathy or disliking apathetic people. Something like that. I've mostly given up trying to figure out what songs are "about." In this case, not know what it's about doesn't matter because this album just kills me.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008