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Lazy Cowgirls

"Ragged Soul" CD (Crypt)

The soul may be ragged, but this record, though a bit frayed at the edges as the guitars seem to careen through each song like an out of control top fuel dragster, is anything but. It rocks and rolls like the little baby Jesus sitting in the back seat of Santa's supercharged sleigh, dragged by a bunch of overworked and underpaid reindeer. Since I'm writing this review on Christmas Eve and since ol' Mr. Claus didn't drop anything off under the tree for me except some cash, I'll just consider this music my present. Hell, we should all consider this a gift from on high. Sure, it may only be a handful of chords and they may not be that progressive, but it's a stripped down, four on the floor dragstrip soundtrack. To be blunt, it fucking rules the universe.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008