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Glass Candy

"Love Love Love" CD (Troubleman)

After listening to this album several times in the foolish hope that I just wasn't hearing its brilliance and getting headaches, I've finally given up. Ida No has a voice that she wields like a weapon, soaring and swooping and ululating. The entire band seems to have a basic mastery of glam rock's musical vocabulary and has created an overlay of Ziggy Stardust, Roxy Music and Marc Bolan that fits neatly onto no wave's dissonance and noise, but it simply drones - after a few songs, Ida's vocal talents start to seem like wailing, shrieking tortures. The repetitive guitar riffs stop sounding like a framework and start sounding like pointless fucking around. And, once again, I can play drums better than this, which may beg the question of why I'm not in a band if I can play this music. The answer is simple - I still have some dignity left and I respect most of the people around me too much to visit this upon them.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008