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The Fumes

"Spine Tingling Excitement" EP (eMpTy)

The first cut is a dirt anthem about fast cars, fast women and lung cancer, while the second one would make Michael Rennie shudder. More of the same on the flip - just fast, fucked up rage 'n' roll / rest 'n' rehabilitation from shit jobs, a shitty world and shitty lives. Gimme more. Just to be nice, I'll even say please.

"Self-Appointed Guardian Of The Machine" CD (eMpTy)

Snarling, nasty-assed punk rock which hasn't showered in about a week because it has been just too fuckin' busy tearing down a Dodge Challenger and rebuilding it for purposes of creating the motherfucker of all dragstrip riots. This is a grease monkey of an album, fast, loud, hard and rockin' as a sanctioned NASCAR event when all the entrants have shitty shocks on their chosen automobile of choice. Oh yes. This album truly rules.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008