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"Like You" and "Crush A Butterfly" b/w "Somewheres Else" 7"; "Monkey Does His Thing" and "Beauty Remains" b/w "Shotgun (H)Ours" 7" (Rhesus)

I like them already. Dissonant and noisy, but not much to speak of in the way of instrumentation. Sounds kind of like a more primitive version of Nirvana's first album, or, in some case, a dreamier Pavement. It's hard to tell what they're singing about and I really don't feel like doing a phonetic transcription right now, so we'll assume content is okay. The real treat with these singles (I can't believe I said treat) are the nice little touches the band throws in - on one of the singles I have, the band drew the cover by hands and it's on clear vinyl, while the other features hand-done lettering. I may not listen to these much, but I'm going to keep them around, just because they're fun.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008