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59 Times The Pain

"Twenty Percent Of My Hand" CD (Revelation)

If memory serves correct, "59 Times The Pain" was an old Husker song, but this band's has more to do with DRI's crunchy, meaty, crossover riffage than Bob Mould's Flying V guitar pop. It's basically nothing more than straight-ahead, four on the floor, old school hardcore, but damn if this doesn't fucking rock like Half-Dome. Just in case the music doesn't do it, the band tosses in positive edged lyrics and guarded optimism, witness "Gutfeeling": "I've got this feeling that there might be a tomorrow / I've got this feeling that it all will come out fine / Go with this feeling ain't gonna spend my life in sorrow / Ain't gonna let nothing ruin what's left of my life." Just what I needed.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008