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Dub Narcotic Sound System

"Boot Party" CD / "Ship To Shore" CD EP (K)

I suspect I used to enjoy Dub Narcotic more than I do now. It just seems like a mish-mash of scratching, oddly jazzy riffs, beats and the like. There isn't much that stands out, until Lois takes part, at which point the songs are elevated; they become something more akin to acid jazz, something very similar to the jazz-inflected stylings of Massive Attack. It's hip hop which seduces the ears and the heart, beats which caress and crooning which steals the soul. Dub Narcotic without Lois bores me, nearly to tears if I actually had the enthusiasm for such a reaction. With Lois, it's utterly gorgeous.

Dub Narcotic Sound System "The Make Up" EP (K)

Freaked-out, psychedelic dance music for indie head cases on Thorazine in the lockdown facility at the local mental hospital. Cool? You bet your ass.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008