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Donuts N' Glory

"When Pregnasaurs Ruled the Earth" CD (Liberation)

For these guys, it's all about lyrics. As they say, "This ain't no fashion show! I'm informing so you'll know...empty lyrics, empty heads." The songs are short, fast pop-punk and, like the Dead Kennedys, the music takes a back seat to the words. "I feel like I'm in labor. I can feel the head of a revolution, pushing out of my urethra but so much apathy and robotic instinct will make for adverse conditions indeed. But we can choose to select our intake, our diet of information should be closely monitored. Select what you eat and spit out what you hate, but please don't blindly regurgitate..." And with a song titled "Rockstar's Airplanes (Always Crash)," what more could you want? (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008