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Don Caballero

"Don Caballero 2" CD (Touch And Go)

I was happy when I looked into the promo pile and saw this. I had to give this CD first listen just to see what these guys from Pennsylvania have been up to. Turns out it's more of the same. Right on! Loud, dissonant and bust as hell on most of the tracks, droning on some (there's a table saw solo in there somewhere). If you like your music with lots of hooks and over the top melodies or vocals, don't buy this disc. Don Caballero can't bother themselves with such nonsense. Nope, just precise and rhythmic drumming, solid basslines and some impressive guitar structuring and I don't mean wanking away here. Don Caballero is one of the best headaches you'll ever have. I'm thinking it might be fun to tape this "Mean Man's Dream" by Gore on the other side and take acid and drive up and down Palomar Mountain with it blaring out the windows and I'll turn off my headlights and cross my eyes and - naw, I have to work tomorrow. (JOSH)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008