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"1981-1986" CD (Shredder)

This is an anthology of Boston's late, great The Dogmatics ... O.K., fooled you. I never heard their name before seeing this and I am not affected by the well written band history contained in the CD booklet so I won't pretend to be Mr. Know-It-All and tell you about the time I saw this band with Papa Doo Run Run while standing in line at Space Mountain. Wouldn't you know it? I lost this one somewhere in the house amid all the X-mas decorations and Epiphany party favors. I did get to listen to it once and I remember really liking it. The package was good although NO LYRICS which sucks because I liked what I heard. The music reminded me of that garagey Boston sound from the early 80's and I can see where The Freeze got their "I Hate Tourists" inspiration from, a record which still baffles me. I hope I find this one soon. (DAVE)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008