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Die Monitr Batss

"Youth Controllers" CD (Dim Mak)

Strip the vocals and this might be a decent free jazz / skronk album. It's certainly noisy enough - the horns sound like they were sampled from old Romeo Void or John Zorn albums, the guitars seem more like noise-making possibilities waiting to be discovered than instruments to carry the melodies and the drums ... well, fuck the drums. After finally admitting that I'm a shitty musician, I gave my drums to a friend and haven't sat behind a kit with any regularity since 1997. Even so, I'm willing to bet that I can play better than this. As I listen to this, I'm realizing that my initial excitement over the no wave resurgence is rapidly waning; while I'm still interested in some of the reissues, the bands that seem to have decided to pick up and carry the torch are only reminding me that I can't play instruments at the level that I want but that I'll always be able to put out a record anyway.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008