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Dead Letter Auction

"Vertigo" CD (Excursions Into The Abyss)

I had almost forgotten that shoegazing could sound like this, probably because I sold every last noise-pop record I ever owned that was this horrible to a record store which pandered shamelessly to Anglophilic Britpop fans who wore their bangs in their eyes, boys and girls alike. This is rock for the no self-esteem set, music for people who long for records that were released 12 years ago but still want to pretend to keep up with the times. While I'm sure the band would call this emo (and they'd be right if they were referring to self-indulgent shit in musical form), it has still been a long time since I've heard a record which is this singularly awful, regardless of the genre. On the bright side, I've always wanted an orange coaster.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008