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Damnation AD

"No More Dreams Of Happy Endings" LP (Jade Tree)

Let's see - growly vocals. Check. Heavy guitar riffs. Check. Depressing lyrics. Check. Depressing lyrics that belong on a bad death metal record. Double check. Bad, depressing lyrics that read like the poetry of a miserable high school student who can't write. Triple check (a brief sample: "Slit my wrists / Bathe in the ecstasy of my pain / The trial of a mortal soul / Begging to die"). Yup. Smells like straight edge.

"Misericordia" CD (Jade Tree)

Okay. Plug into the amp, through the fuzzbox, across the phase shifter, out of the speakers with an E minor, nothing but death metal.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008