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Violent World

"A Tribute To The Misfits: Violent World" CD (Caroline)

As much as I dislike the new Misfits record, I love old Misfits stuff and when I heard about this comp (NOFX doing "Last Caress"!) I almost flew to New York to kiss each and every person involved with putting it together. Thankfully, sanity prevailed so I don't have to apologize for now saying this is, by and large, a piece of shit and that's only when it's exceptionally good. Veering from dull hardcore to boring metal, virtually every song fails to add anything new to the song. The only standouts are Goldfinger, Earth Crisis and Farside, all of whom at least manage to render a faithful version, if not a dynamic one. Goldfinger gives "Ghoul's Night Out" a punked-up ska treatment, while Earth Crisis makes "Earth A.D." sound like the herald of Armageddon. As for Farside, all they do is lounge it up on "Return of the Fly" which was relatively swanky to begin with.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008