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Twisted Willie

"Twisted Willie" CD (Justice)

Whether you like country or not, this is the bomb. Johnny Cash, the original man in black, X, the Supersuckers, Jello Biafra, L7, Mark Lanegan, Horton Heat, Gas Huffer - the list of people contributing to this project goes on and on, and those names only scratch the surface. Here's the kicker, smacking you upside the head like a tall glass of whiskey on the rocks - they're all covering Willie Nelson tunes. Some rock, some roll, some lounge around with a Tequila Sunrise in one hand and wait for the day to really get moving. The best track is probably the Supersuckers' supercharged, fuel-injected cover of "Bloody Mary Morning," romping and rollicking along like a tour van complete with a wrestling ring with a match for an intercontinental title going on inside. To top it off, Willie even plays on it. Way cool.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008