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"Taste" CD (Bacteria Sour)

Parts of this comp. take me back to 1986 when I was but a wee skate rat, trying to scrape together the cash for a Steve Caballero street deck. Part of it takes me back to 1991 or so, the first time I saw Rocket From The Crypt. Some of it takes me back to 1993 when I started thinking about doing a zine. Septic Death, Pitchblende, Rocket ... a lot of these bands have been a huge part of my life. All I can say is thanks for the memories. 20 tracks. Cheap an any price, especially considering the crazed, melodic guitar motherfuckery the Bloodthirsty Butchers engage in. Unlike some punk songs where just one more note up or down the scale would complete the progression in some ineffable way and make a killer hook instead of leaving listeners hanging, the Bloodthirsty Butchers finish their work, chopping away at their six strings with all the grace of a bone saw in action, but creating some of the most air-guitar-inducing riffs on the album.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008