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"R.A.F.R." CD (Flipside)

A party record, huh? Well, it sure ain't "Living In Oblivion." There's some cool stuff on here - Black Train Jack's hella melodic salute to whatever foremost among them - but then there are tracks like D-Generation's contribution. Jesse Malin caterwauls like a less talented member of LA Guns and displays all the lyrical insight of your average sitcom theme song. However, around track 15, this compilation begins shaping up with the Dickies-influenced "Cookie Jar" from Trick Babys, a speedy rave-up by Wax and one of Teengenerate's characteristically raucous noise-punk rave-ups. With the exception of those songs, this compilation is, much like most other compilations I've heard lately, running on an incredibly lean fuel mixture.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008