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Logical Progression

"Logical Progression" CD (ffrr/Polygram)

Lately, this compilation has been one of the few things I'm interested in. Two CDs of the best progressive electronic music around. The early junglist manipulations were breakbeats and dancehall, percussion and growling. Since then, jungle has become what is perhaps the most vital, positive and life-giving (not to mention affirming) music around. It's more ambient, sounding like angels singing at Heaven's Gate. It's starlight, transferred to sonic form. It's the unearthly beauty of a whale song. It's the unheard rhythms and sounds of life, picked up by people who exist in a different dimension, phasing in for the express purpose of saving our lives, night after night after night. These DJs paint our world in brilliant hues, using nature's aural palette, and all I can think is go, DJ. Go.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008