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Ibiza Afterhours

"Ibiza Afterhours 2" CD (Moonshine)

Soothing washes of synthesized waves ... seems like every review I write about progressive electronic music talks about this stuff in terms of the ocean, the sky or some other such sweeping, grand environmental terrain. Frankly, they're really the only adequate comparison, and even then, it's only adequate. Such terms always fail to capture the majestic, expansive beauty of these compositions, like the shuffling, flamenco-influenced/acid jazz feel of Marc Antoine's "Unity" or T.B.M.P.'s upbeat "Sunset," a roughly 120 b.p.m. or so cute which features bubbling synth work and eerie vocals reminiscent of Ofra Haza's wailing. Way rad.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008