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Bored Generation

"Bored Generation" Enhanced CD (Epitaph)

"Bored Generation" was inevitable. Now that the 90's have been officially defined (in California at least) as a decade of slacking, drug-taking adolescents who do nothing but skate, snowboard, surf and listen to punk and rap music, Epitaph has created the first multimedia accompaniment. It combines punk and hip-hop with cutting-edge video of some of the best surfers, skaters and snowboarders in the world, all on one enhanced CD. The material is so-so, save for Pennywise who cover an old Circle Jerks song and NOFX who sing that "Drugs Are Good." The best of the rest by far is Rancid's "Blast 'Em," a turbocharged rocker that, when combined with Chris Ward and Corey Lopez launching SICK 360 degree airs, is guaranteed to have every little pubescent ripper in town sprinting towards the beach leaving behind a trail of bongs, beer cans, skateboards and Bad Religion albums as they go. (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008