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Big Wow

"Big Wow Volume 1" CD (Daredevil)

I still think Dahmer's Diner was one of the best San Diego punk bands I ever saw. If you were present the night they were banned from SOMA (albeit temporarily) and Sam insulted a bunch of skinheads, you know why. I still have an old demo they recorded and it features songs which are just about the best goddamn things I've heard in this burg. Luckily, one of those songs, "Crave," finally sees the light of day on this compilation. Sure, the sound may be a bit tinny, but when they kick into the chorus, fuck all if it matters. With the volume up, they rock as hard as they did live, but without the witty stage banter. Excuse me while I bliss out.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008