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"Anti-Matter" CD (Another Planet)

I've been rather disillusioned with punk lately. It seems to just be the same three chords, the same radio-friendly melodies. Then I saw this and popped it in the player. It's hardcore and emo. There are bands on here I dismissed as boring long ago and bands I've never heard, but what amazed me about this compilation is that the entire thing - every fucking song - has come to mean something to me in just a little while. Currently, my fave bands on here are Gameface and Chamberlain, despite the presence of Lifetime, Farside and Sense Field. When the guitars come crashing in on Chamberlain's "Magnetic 62nd," it's like that initial thrill when someone you care about touches your arm for the first time. It's like every first kiss, every loving smile ... it's pure bliss. Thank you.

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008