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Potatomen Split CD EP (Lookout!)

Cub displays more of an indie-pop swoon rush, while the Potatomen exhibit a (please forgive me) surf rock edge. Fun, but you won't die if you don't hear it.

"Box of Hair" CD (Lookout!)

Cub, the Snickers bar of rock. These Vancouver girls march on with their musically tasty and sweet coating of milk chocolate, lyrical peanuts for consistency and nougat. Nobody knows what nougat really is, but we all know it makes for good eatin'. Unlike past albums, "Box of Hair" strays some from their girlie punk roots and heads off into more sophisticated melodies without compromising any of the chutzpah which has made Cub what it is. (ALEX)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008