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Cobra Verde

"Viva La Muerte" CD (Scat)

The members of Cobra Verde have a storied history and their cathartic music probably pleases a host of aesthetes. Presumably, their introspective lyrics are very significant and touch deeply buried emotions. But for some reason, bands like Brownsville Station and Foghat keep coming to mind. Cobra Verde, despite the band history, sounds like other run-of-the-mill hard rock groups filling songs with boring clichés because they have nothing worthwhile to say. In all fairness, some of these songs are a guilty pleasure and fun to listen to, especially "Montenegro" and "Debt."

"Vintage Crime" CD (Scat)

Moody, atmospheric grunge alternative. Bit of seventies glam rock, bit of new wave, lot of character. (TOM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, March 26, 2008